The Wilton – Panorama group was established in 1969. As a private, family-owned business, we have always been market innovators who foster creativity and growth. We believe that providing our clients with strong support, the highest quality products, and the desire to find new ways to serve them, is fundamental to our continued success.

The group is made up of Wilton Aluminum Products and Panorama Windows Inc. which operate out of two facilities totaling more than 40,000 square feet. We continue to innovate and invest in our product lines to ensure that our clients have access to a wide variety of choices and some of the latest innovations in windows.

We have distinguished ourselves with the all aluminum Wilton Series 600 casement window which has been selected to be used in the first energy-neutral residential project in Quebec. The LS group of products features the always popular 450LS PVC casement window renowned for its shiny finish and classic design and the new Hybrid LS casement window that marries aluminum and PVC taking advantage of the properties of both materials.

We are committed to having the highest standards in manufacturing, on time delivery, and customer service.